(do not feed or pet the hot cheeto he is seperated from society for REASONS
BTW this lioness protects these guys so like. dont even think about kidnapping grrr.

she is a slay queen and telling her otherwise will get you smited off the face of the fucking planet with such grace and speed never seen before


^^goatcheese (left) and Casu and Marzu (right)^^
theyre siblings and are quite rowdy, very noisy and please be careful when handling as they are rough and may playfully bite.

^^ cotija (she is the single mom of most of the dragon hatchlings here. her last child support payment came 16 months ago i think we have a lawsuit coming

^^ cheezit (watch ur step dont step on them cause if u do my lionesses will beat your ass into
your own grave

^^ CHEESE BALL (10/10 he ballin

^^ This is Comté. She is a pirate. YOU ARE A PIRATE!

^^ this is Burra(ta) and he uh... he uhhh the ummm...uhh- wait what’s that... is that 15 months worth of unpaid child support? uh oh!!!! run burra run!!!
cheesewolves because wolves are the solution to everything

cheddar crumble molded pls like and fav to save he 🥺
[like and fav]? or [let him fester, rot, and leave him to die? is that what you want for him? seriously? cmon. what's wrong with you? you're a monster! you know better than this. make the right choice. not this one.]?

Gorgonzola. He goes where he goes and speaks to no one. Personally, I envy him and his true freedom.

Mimolette, my babi....so smol, so sweet...my beloved.....aww the scrunckly

if anything happens to chicken strips(right) then macaroni(left) will absolutely lose it. they are the freaking sun in macaroni's pov. do not touch.

yooo its loaf of milk !!!! *finger guns*

this is epoisses they are a basement cave dweller and gamer and have never seen the sun in their life live on a strict diet of microwave ramen


i accidently microwaved them and it made them all edgy
pizza of the pepperoni variety

this is havarti. she has killed before. she will do it again. approach with caution.

she and havarti are murder buddies! also approach with caution

chees juice

mozzerella bites, she's very nice and gentle :)

wet cheese sparky! he is a ridicilously talented volcalist celebrity

have fun trying to approach provolone because they literally spend majority of their time flying (L get an airplane)

swiss cheez! it wouldnt be a cheese website without some sort of swisscheese

silly roque! cottage cheese their beloved

awww the scrunckly 🥺 double tap now if you'd cottage cheese th whwbrb (roque their beloved)

marbl e

butter, the little theiving scoundrel, even got away with not being cheese on this page bc they so dang slippery!! ARRGH!

this is feta she likes interior designing and spends majority of her time at ikea (she'll probably buy you a blahaj if you ask nicely)

hide your freezer, for 'rella stick is coming and he like ice cream :)

string cheese collects bugs! coel steals the dead bugs to preserve (shhh dont tell stringcheese- shut ip they cannot know

taleggio and co.

Babybel spends their time scaring the shit out of the other dragons by jumpscaring them out of the water. Why? For teh lulz, of course! Why else?

Did I mention we have an attack ichthyosaur? Yeah, we do, so watch out.



cheesework is the ultimate hyrbid of all cheeses, there is not a cheese that cannot be found on this dragon

The dragon charcuterie! idk they exist and some of them are cracker dragons, some ar cheese, and some are pepperoni/meat dragons (theres raisin in the corner)

The dragon charcuterie, but infinitely better...and no raisin!
we got salami, 2 varieties of cheese, 2 types of crackers, mixed berries, olives, purple grapes, some bread, honey for dip, onion dip, cherry tomatoes, rainbow carrots, boiled eggs, and cucumbers

asiago. we know literally nothing about them.

string cheese 2?????? dunno bout this one either

thauma!! magical cheese!! dragon!!

Grilled cheese. No, not frilled cheese.

Frilled cheese enjoys swimming, summer, the beach, and probably sandcastles (unconfirmed)

gruyere is a shiny object enthusiast and will stop at nothing to get something sparkly out of your hands, beware them

shiny cheese! oh god gruyere is right there RUN GO GO GO

rgcheese wants you to believe their name is a pun on rgb but it actually jsut stands for randomly generated cheese lol

rgbrie's name is an actual pun on rgb

just a lil moldy (just a smidgen)

slightly crusted one

smoked cheese!!!!

^^parmigiano (left) and reggiano (right)^^
they're best friends! and siblings aswell

munster is very curious and will often snatch interesting things from people’s hands

appenzeller, she’s a bit of a sweetheart but is also blind :(
stinky cheese, smelly cheese, a cheesedragon with a foul odor following it wherever it goes

bi cheese pride cheese :)

aluminum-plated cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese



cheesedragn whit da snek

this is paneer they are a robot chees

new cheesedragon, who this?

THE cheese dragon ever. literally the standard, basic cheese dragon. it doesn't get any more average than this

not moldy, a perfectly good cheese, don't worry

quite moldy, not a good cheese, you should worry

this is limburger she is very in touch with nature and also is not a burger despite the name


(still cheese btw)

stringworm! plus bonus worm on theys head

this is stilton.jpg (however, their img filetype is .png) and they are a sea cheeeees

bell pepper, yes theyre a cheese they just like the name

cheepoofse wheel, wheel of the cheeses

huh?? where'd the cheese go? that sneaky son of a bitch

radioactive moldy???? OwO

eater of mold ^

raw snickers bar, yes they are a cheese, their parents did not like them tho :(

buggy cheese :p

erm what the eevios

marscapone the michealwave whisperer

this is telemea. they have rather eisoteric and quite frankly shit music taste

This is Flaming Hot Cheeto Menace. Don;t you dare even THINK about so much as poking him. You will regret everything. I will only type this once.